At the beginning of 2015 Eric van Hove contacted HAMOFA and explained his extraordinary passion.

During his visit to HAMOFA in January he was impressed by the huge quantity of the engines that HAMOFA had on stock, and asked us to help him with his artwork. Basically Eric needed a Caterpillar C18 complete diesel engine that he could use as a model for his sculpture.

Motor new

Engine new 2

At HAMOFA we were impressed by Eric's passion with diesel engines, and we agreed without hesitation!

Eric told us that he had been working on the preparation of this project for years. He was overwhelmed by the acceleration in this project once he visited the HAMOFA workshop. Two weeks after his visit the Caterpillar C18 engine (shown above) was transported to Eric van Hove's workshop in Marrakech.

It took 35 local craftsman of Morocco 29.120 working hours to make this piece of art!


engine parts


engine parts



assy 3